A number of optional programs, management instruction and franchise workshops are available based on three decades of excellence in the franchise industry, to give your company a path to follow and ongoing, as needed advice, as it enters and grows within the franchise industry:

Franchise Management Training In Effective Operation of Franchise Companies

The key to becoming a successful franchise company is realizing you’re operating a new business, offering entirely different services (training, start-up and ongoing support) to entirely different customers (business owner-operators). Different skills, abilities and expertise are required, and the organization needs to adopt the appropriate franchise organizational structure and management interfaces. We’ll train your personnel in adopting the appropriate organizational structure (who does what, who reports to who, etc.), developing a franchise infrastructure, as well as a host of systems, procedures and standards for effective management of your franchise company and network.

Franchise Marketing 101

Many new franchise companies who use a law firm to enter franchising discover they have difficulty selling franchises. That’s because they have not been schooled in the art of franchise marketing. One mistake is attempting to compete head-to-head against large, established chains. The inevitable result – failure. With over 3,000-plus franchise companies spending hundreds of millions on advertising, the only way to score big is not to act big. Rather, your marketing program must be selective, concentrating on narrow targets. In a word, your company needs to position itself in a highly competitive arena. Use the experience and knowledge gained by hundreds of other franchise companies to guide your advertising decisions. Our franchise marketing workshops will show you how to do this and avoid advertising blunders that have cost other companies tens of thousands of dollars.

Franchise Lead Processing Systems

As the saying goes, one bad apple can spoil the entire barrel. For a franchise company this translates to royalty payment issues and discontent in the network. It can also result in very expensive franchise litigation. All franchise organizations have a lead processing system, either by deliberate planning or by default. For most, it’s by default where the only requirement for franchise membership is whether the prospect’s franchise fee check clears the bank. Instead of this risky approach, only the cream of the crop should be allowed to join the franchise network. Our proprietary Franchise Lead Processing System is covered in detail, along with other franchise marketing tips and lessons including:

(1) defining the profile characteristics of the best franchise owner for your particular business;

(2) developing interviewing checklists, procedures and techniques;

(3) proven ways to reduce franchise media costs;

(4) developing a franchise application form and brochures;

(5) how to process franchise leads and conduct franchise Discovery Days;

(6) using a series of tests and other measures to ensure that inappropriate candidates are disqualified before they join the franchise network; and

(7) detecting (and then avoiding) red flags that arise during franchise marketing efforts.

Franchise Sales Control System

Our proprietary Franchise Sales Control System is designed with a variety of contact reports and feedback mechanisms to monitor franchise sales performance and retrieve pertinent information for review by management. This increases the effectiveness of franchise marketing sales efforts. It also significantly reduces the possibility of sales personnel not following established procedures in selling franchises, thereby reducing franchise liability risk. Finally, our Franchise Sales Control System creates a solid back up file for every franchise sold that will qualify as business record evidence in the event a future dispute takes place. This also satisfies the requirement of various states requiring franchise companies to maintain a complete set of records, books and accounts of franchise sales. Because 95% of the legal risk in franchising happens during the marketing phase when franchises are sold, a comprehensive Franchise Sales Control System is the best protection against the quicksand of franchise lawsuits and franchise litigation costs that consume time and money without limit.

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls In Franchising

Inconsistent or misleading communications when a franchise is sold can form the basis for future franchise problems. It is almost impossible to avoid potential franchise problems unless marketing personnel know the pitfall areas. These topics are covered in a straightforward and easy-to-understand charts and examples taken from actual legal cases. Your team learns the essentials from Mr. Franchise’s extensive experience as a testifying franchise expert witness that allows him to share invaluable knowledge gained in the trenches of franchise litigation and franchise lawsuits. Knowing where the bullets of franchise litigation come from, and avoiding them, is not difficult. And it is considerably less expensive than falling into the quicksand of a franchise lawsuit.