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When the franchise documentation phase is over and the company is legally able to begin selling franchises, selling is exactly what many begin to immediately do. But, as discussed below in this how to franchise a business series by an MBA franchise attorney who doesn’t just talk the talk, but has actually walked the walk, management training is the critical first step. Selling franchises without franchise management training is a great mistake and one that can haunt the company for years or even decades. Training of franchise company personnel is easy and cost-effective.


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When the documentation phase is over, momentum gathers with the start of the exciting implementation phase. This is where the sparks begin to fly as franchises are sold, the new franchise owners are taught and trained, and opening assistance is provided. It’s also when most new franchise companies make serious mistakes that haunt them for years or even decades to come.

The reason: It Takes A Lot More To Succeed In Franchising Besides an FDD, an Operations Manual, an Invoice and a Handshake
Having a solid ops manual and FDD gives you a solid Franchise Foundation to build on. But moving forward with a new franchise company is a different and challenging issue requiring specialized knowledge. As I’ve been quoted in the media as saying, “it takes a lot more to succeed in franchising besides an FDD, a franchise operations manual, an invoice and a handshake.” That’s not something you will ever hear from the consultants or franchise attorneys who prepare franchise documents and charge exorbitant rates. Their focus is on the invoice and handshake as they transition to the next client, leaving your company adrift in the uncertain seas of selling franchises and operating what is an entirely different business.

Basically, there are three ways to get get the required knowledge in how to effectively sell franchises and operate a franchise company:

(1) trial and error – a hit or (more likely) miss approach that can be very expensive;

(2) hire a six-figured salary person who has management experience and background in operating a franchise company and hopefully learn from this person, over time; or

(3) get specialized training from someone like me who provides “Cliff Notes” based on my 32-years of experience as a franchise expert, former franchise owner, and trainer to large as well as medium and small franchise companies.

To address this critical need, I offer online Franchise Management Training in how to sell franchises and run the new franchise company. The management training is often taken by companies before they begin the first step. The theory behind early training is it lays the framework for the franchise relationship and documents that follow. Other companies elect to take the training just before they begin offering franchises. My opinion is the first approach makes the most sense.

The Franchise Management Training is conducted over 3 interactive workshops, held online via Go To Meetings, and covers the following topics:

• Training existing personnel in how to run a franchise company

• Selling franchises

• Developing an effective franchise application form

• Developing a franchise FAQ

• Using our proprietary 7-step franchise marketing process

• Conducting Franchise Discovery Days

• Avoiding red flags in franchise marketing

• Implementing our proprietary franchise sales control system

• Implementing our proprietary disclosure compliance program

• Training new franchise owners – strategies and tactics

• The critical franchise support function

• Facilitating feedback from franchise owners

• Strategies for reducing annual auditing costs

• Avoiding legal pitfalls in franchising

For information on pricing of our live, online franchise marketing and management training workshops, send an email to Mr. Franchise

This how to franchise a business series continues with the first training area Franchise Marketing 101.